What is Toxic Behavior?

You hear the word toxic being thrown around a lot these days, and if you are confused it is pretty understandable because of the fact that this word is not easy to understand especially since there are so many complexities to it and there is a lot of context that you are going to have to grasp as well if you truly want it to impact your life in the right way. Toxic behavior is basically any kind of behavior that comes from a negative place. Irrational anger, a sense of entitlement over others, attempting to manipulate what people do and say, all of these are toxic behaviors that are going to end up harming the people around you.

It is important to understand what toxic behavior is because until and unless you work on understanding it there is pretty much no chance that you are going to be able to stop participating in it any time soon. You will end up losing loved ones, friends and family, so taking steps to avoid toxic behavior is imperative. According to Heather Matthews, a self help guru that has been making waves recently after talking about self help in a truly holistic manner without putting the blame on anyone for no good reason, if you want to get rid of toxic behavior you need to first truly want it with every fiber of your being.

You need to want to be a good person. Once you have this desire fully established within you, you are going to have to think about how your behavior impacts others. Do people often feel anxious around you? Do you make people feel scared of how you might react to things? Notice these things and then try to avoid doing the things that make people worry.