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School Sucks Project Podcast, Episode 539

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Fox News (National – Sheppard Smith Reporting):

Iraq War veteran goes extra mile to help refugee students

NPR: Albany Teacher Seeks Scholarship Program For Refugees

Times Union: Albany High teacher helps refugee students attend UAlbany

NYSUT: Albany Teacher “Builds New Model”

The State University of New York:

From Conflict to Classroom, Alum is Working to Give Students a Chance

SUNY Albany: Albany High Teacher Helps Refugees Pursue Higher Education

Albany teacher shares lessons learned in uniform: Iraq veteran hopes book points way to school options

Albany High School English teacher, Brian Huskie, right, talks with high school refugee students, from background to foreground, Beya Paw, Blah Hsae, Soe Aung, Saad Bene Jamiel, Uma Siwakoti, Say Htoo, and Shar Reh on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, in Albany, N.Y. (Paul Buckowski / Times Union) Photo: PAUL BUCKOWSKI / 40036636A



Interview with former refugee student, Tethkar Ahmad:

In your book you write “forced freedom works about as well as forced learning.” Isn’t “forced learning” more of a problem in other countries?


Your kids are homeschooled and are very social. That’s weird, because a teacher told me homeschooling does not socialize kids.

That’s fine, but doesn’t society require a college degree?

Did you ever feel emotionally trapped while you were in the military or in Iraq?

Do you think that people resent the United States for using so much violence?

Do your kids get the same discipline as they would in school?

Have you ever not felt loved by some of your Iraqi students? Are you careful with what you say around them?

How can the education system be a failure, if people are graduating and going on to be successful?

How would you feel if you ever saw one of the little kids from Iraq again?

Is it possible to go through college debt free?

Should the military offer money for college?

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