Huskie’s Heroes

Huskie’s Heroes is a small group of passionate teens, committed to mutual improvement and service to the community.

Who chooses Huskie’s Heroes?

Students 13 to 20 years old, who are frustrated with the passive, one size fits all experience of conventional High School, who aren’t interested in

Our Seven Assumptions

Our Seven Assumptions

School is optional. You can, for example, be educated (and go to college) without a conventional High School diploma. Most of human history and millions

Classes Are Limited to Ten Students

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How Huskie’s Heroes Works

You contact me and we schedule a time when I can meet with the student and their parents. If we all agree that the program is a good fit, then you register for the (three month) trimester. You send a letter of intention to the superintendent of your home district, notifying them of your intention to homeschool. Students meet with the class (no more than ten students) for three hours, twice a week. There are also optional office hours once a week.


When Benjamin Franklin was just 21 years old, he assembled a group of 12 interesting, successful, and honorable men of diverse backgrounds into a “club

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Service to the Community

Volunteer work is essential for a young person to learn humility, self-less service, and to recognize they are of use in the world. It also

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Personal Projects

Projects are where students can experiment with their aptitudes and passions. It is completely self-directed, under the guidance of our program and the community. Projects

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Rhetoric (Writing and Speaking)

Our ability to speak and write, to persuade, to form relationships, and to articulate our thoughts and feelings, is the bedrock of success. Students have

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Other Activities

In response to students’ requests, or when the opportunity presents itself, we will: At least once a trimester we will go on some kind of

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Academic Transcripts

I will write for you an academic transcript as a part of what Huskie’s Heroes offers. I will include any previous work you’ve done, either in school

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Published Articles

Published Articles by Brian Huskie: Foundation for Economic Education: It Takes Humility to Learn Deeply,...

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Never more than ten students per class


Program Director

Brian Huskie is the founder and director of Huskie’s Heroes. He is a National Board Certified High School English teacher with ten years of experience and a degree in School Administration, founder of the Albany High/Capital District Refugee Scholarship Endowment, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, and author of A White Rose: A Soldier’s Story of Love, War, and School. Brian and his wife Ramita homeschool their two boys in Loudonville, NY.

About Brian

Brian Huskie is the founder and director of Huskie’s Heroes. He is a National Board Certified High School English teacher with ten years of experience and a

About Brian

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Program Schedule and Tuition

Huskie’s Heroes is structured into trimesters. We meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 4:30 – 7:30, and there will be at least one field trip. Program tuition is $900 a trimester.

Classes will meet at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 510 Albany Shaker Road in Colonie (Huskie’s Heroes is a secular program; we rent space at the church) on the following dates:

2017 – 2018 Class Schedule

Fall Semester:

  1. 9/25
  2. 9/27
  3. 10/2
  4. 10/4, (10/9 Columbus Day, no class)
  5. 10/11
  6. 10/16
  7. 10/18
  8. 10/23
  9. 10/25
  10. 10/30
  11. 11/1
  12. 11/6
  13. 11/8
  14. 11/13
  15. 11/15, (11/20, 11/22 Thanksgiving, no class)
  16. 11/27
  17. 11/29
  18. 12/4
  19. 12/6
  20. 12/11
  21. 12/13

Winter Semester:

  1. 1/8
  2. 1/10 (1/15 MLK Day, no class)
  3. 1/17
  4. 1/22
  5. 1/24
  6. 1/29
  7. 1/31
  8. 2/5
  9. 2/7
  10. 2/12
  11. 2/14 (2/19, 2/21, Winter Break, No Class)
  12. 2/26
  13. 2/28
  14. 3/5
  15. 3/7
  16. 3/12
  17. 3/14
  18. 3/19
  19. 3/21

Spring Semester:

  1. 4/9
  2. 4/11
  3. 4/16
  4. 4/18
  5. 4/23
  6. 4/25
  7. 4/30
  8. 5/2
  9. 5/7
  10. 5/9
  11. 5/14
  12. 5/16
  13. 5/21
  14. 5/23 (May 28 Memorial Day, No Class)
  15. 5/30
  16. 6/4
  17. 6/6
  18. 6/11
  19. 6/13
  20. 6/18
  21. 6/20

Huskie’s Heroes

A Self-Directed Learning Program for Teens

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